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Campus for Communities of the Future
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Why We Focus On Collaboration and Why It Matters....

Best known for developing the Theory of General Relativity, Albert Einstein once stated that innovation is combinatorial. As he suggested,  combinatorial is about being alert and awake to the world in order to collect cross-disciplinary building blocks such as observations of successes and promising practices, the research of others, sparks of inspiration, and other existing ideas — that ideally we then combine and recombine, to create something new. 

It is from this messy and vast multisectoral pool of resources that the Campus for Communities of the Future was established in 2011 and continues to evolve to support individuals, organizations, businesses, neighbourhoods, and communities to strengthen their leadership and organizational capacity for complexity and multisector collaboration.

In large part, we've only been able to do this because we've learned from some amazing change agents across the country and now internationally.

We work with individuals and organizations  who care deeply about making a difference and are willing to embrace the transformative change to make it happen.

While it has been hard work and a long and often challenging path, we have curated significant learnings, resources, frameworks, and tools and, are ready to scale.  

Just as importantly we hope to continue to learn from other individuals and organizations like you. 

... a collaborative commons for catalyzing collective capacity for innovation, and systems change

We Support Individuals And Organizations To Do More To:

Selected Testimonials

As local communities and regions attempt to respond to an increasingly fast-paced and complex society, pockets of “transformational change” have only recently begun to emerge. From a global perspective, this is one of a very few initiatives that, in my opinion, is well on the way to understanding how to design and implement the new concept of “Comprehensive Community Transformation”. The transferable frameworks, tools, training, and resources are some of the most innovative and important I have seen.

-- Rick Smyre, Communities of the Future and Global Rural Networks 


The resources, training, and inspiration found here, will transform the way communities and their leaders get things done.

--Ian Hill, Award Winning Humanitarian and Innovator

This is how learning should be done, with the theory and the practical happening simultaneously. 

-- New Brunswick Participant  

Thanks so much for providing these opportunities to our community so we can grow together and strengthen London as a city, one community and neighbourhood at a time. 

-- Karen Oldham, City of London

These learnings have added immense value and hopefulness for me… One of the most interesting and interactive trainings I have participated in. 

--International Participant

I learned the starting point is not the service providers, it's the communities who are the experts. I know that it's okay to step back and release the reins....A good leader knows when to step back and watch the geniuses do their work. 

 --Ontario Elected Official

We adopted community development strategies and built trusting relationships, applied holistic systems thinking, engaged many sectors of the community and invested them with a true sense of ownership. 

-- New Brunswick Horizon Health

The information in this webinar is so great - I was on the first module and had already taken 3 pages of notes! 

-- City of London Participant

Our Clients


Brenda Herchmer 
​Founder and Principal Collaborator

Brenda Herchmer is a passionate community builder who believes communities get better when their leaders do (both formal and informal).  She is the CEO of Campus for Communities of the Future (a social enterprise) and Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Collaboration Station. A speaker, trainer, and consultant across Canada, and now internationally, she is a former professor and director at Niagara College, Director of Alberta's ACE Communities initiative, and worked for local government and a number of social profits and businesses. Brenda is the Chair of Catalyst 2030, Canada Chapter, author of three books, a YWCA Woman of Distinction, and a Brock University Distinguished Graduate. She and her family live in Welland, Ontario, Canada where they also own a Café and an online kite store