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Campus for Communities of the Future
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    ...sector-connector leadership for whole-community transformation
  • Project and Systems Collaboration
    ​Community-Led Development
    ​Strategic Foresight
    ​Digital Optimization

4 Courses, 3 Learning Options for Each Course

There is a growing understanding that health, social, economic, and environmental well-being are intrinsically linked. It is clear systems are sometimes broken, ignoring the vulnerable puts us all at risk, and pressing global issues need to be localized. For many individuals and organizations, these complex challenges have resulted in a lack of clarity in terms of future direction. 

Our courses are designed to assist participants clarify and verify what's next and best for their future direction and a culture for the informed decision-making, systems collaboration, community building, and strategic foresight that is essential for the innovation and transformative change needed by providing whole-community strategies that will ensure ongoing relevancy and impact.  

Collectively the four courses are designed to build capacity a address complex, social, economic and environmental issues and opportunities.

4 Sector-Connector Courses

1. Cornerstones

2. Coach

3. Future-Ready

4. Digital Optimization

To accommodate differing budgets and learning preferences, each of the above 4 courses and offered as (1) SELF-DIRECTED, (2) INSTRUCTOR-SUPPORTED, or as a (3) CERTIFIED MICRO CREDENTIAL. 

1. Sector-Connectors: Cornerstones

Today’s reality is that we’re responding to challenging issues and opportunities and attempting to do it within systems that aren’t always relevant. At the same time, it often means struggling with increasing costs, decreasing revenues, and  human resource shortages.

So how do we enhance our capacity to be future-ready for this escalating complexity and uncertainty in world that is volatile and uncertain?

One thing we do know is that the practical aspects of building capacity and a culture that values community, collaboration, and innovation will be critical. A sense of community and belonging, and the resulting trusted relationships and informal networks, will be the result of impactful collaborators – who may or may not have a formal title but do more to prioritize trusted relationships with their community of stakeholders.

Sector Connector Cornerstones cultivates a collaborative culture by providing context and an overview of all four of the components identified as being essential for the whole-community approach that contributes to individual, social, environmental and economic well-being:  1) community (or stakeholder-led) development, (2) strategic foresight (3) systems-thinking, and (4) digital optimization. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be better able to:

apply strategies for supporting multiple sector and citizen/stakeholder engagement;

better understand a collaborative planning process and its importance;
promote the value of building a foundation of trusted relationships and readiness for collaboration; 
initiate a process for assessing/auditing collective assets and resources. 


Begin this self-directed learning option whenever it works for you. For even greater impact, register with several colleagues at the same time and debrief and action the learnings in your organization and community.


  • 6 modules of video-learning at your convenience
  • handouts, background readings, practical tools  
  • discussion forums
  • learn at your own pace

COST: $99.00


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2. Sector Connectors: Coach 

The Sector Connector Coach will be especially relevant for those working with citizens and external stakeholders to address complex issues and opportunities. How-to’s for facilitating trusted relationships, a sense of belonging, and mobilizing cross-sectoral partnerships and collaboration and action are prioritized.

 Upon completion of this course, participants will be better able to:  

  • apply the integrative and cross-sectoral process that is critical for addressing complexity and collective responsibility for solutions and implementation;
  • build networks that contribute to agility and meshwork;
  • ensure the citizen engagement that will drive vital, resilient communities.   


 • Self-directed option opens August 21, 2023 
  COST: $79    
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